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Meet our osteopaths

Our professional osteopaths, headed by former president of the NZ Osteopathic Society Sarah-Jane Attias, have a deep understanding of physiology and anatomy, and are all highly skilled in cranial and gentle structural alignments that will balance and reactivate your body for optimum function & health.

Our Ponsonby / Grey Lynn osteo team believe in

  • good clear communications with you, we focus on your individual goals and needs
  • we provide a detailed assessment then a diagnosis is made followed by a hands-on therapeutic treatment specific to your needs.
  • We like to communicate with you so you know exactly what is happening and assure you feel safe and trusted with our cranial and gentle osteopathic treatments

It’s all about what’s right for you; a successful treatment for each individual.

What to expect during your Osteopathic Treatment: osteopaths choose to use a diverse selection of effective, safe techniques, as appropriate, to suit each individual patient.

Tania Russell

BAppSc.(Human Biology) 2013, MOst. MOCNZ, MONZ.

Osteopath • Cranial Biodynamic • Paediatric • Gentle • Effective Approach

Tania offers gentle, effective, hands-on, non-manipulative techniques.

  • No Referral necessary, I can do ACC documentation for you.
  • Mum & Baby Post-Graduate Studies in Paediatrics
  • Concussion • Migraines • Headaches
  • Neck & All Back Pain
  • Posture • Arthritis • unwind chronic long-standing issues & injuries
  • Physical-Body Muscle Tension Release for body stresses and strains, ankles, shoulders & more.
  • Mind-Body Nervous System Reset to reduce anxiousness & other stress conditions

Post-Graduate Studies in; Myofascial Release • Ligament Balancing •  Biodynamic Cranial Techniques

Tania has been a valued member of our team since 2020. She is well known for achieving excellent results, treating a wide range of issues for you and family at different ages and stages.

“I’m passionate about Yoga, meditation and mindfulness, most weekends you will find me immersed in nature, hiking, biking, dancing or on the water.”

Since 2019, Tania was a founding volunteer for the Osteopathic Children’s Foundation, Hamilton, where she continues to offer free treatment to babies & children in need.

No doctor’s referral required I am ACC registered and will take care of ACC documentation for you.

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Liam Henry-Davison

BA.Psych 2011., BSc.Health Science, MSc.Ost. 2019, MONZ, MOCNZ

Gentle, effective Structural Osteopath

Liam’s treatment style is often described as being on the gentler side of osteopathy, achieving excellent results for all people with a wide range of issues. He is a great listener and patients are reassured by his comprehensive examination, clear diagnostics and treatment plan. Clients leave feeling motivated and well-resourced to expedite their healing.

  • pain relief for sports injuries, ACC accidents,
  • Whole families at different ages and stages.
  • Pain relief for musculoskeletal, back pain, migraine, aches and pains.
  • Digestive health
  • Chronic conditions related to posture and/or old injuries.
  • Many more issues – please refer to our website.
  • No doctor’s referral required I am ACC registered and will take care of ACC documentation for you.

“I live on Waiheke Island where I love spending time in nature, hiking, swimming, diving and bike riding. I relish a good board game, improvisation and theatre, sport groups, gym and yoga. My partner, Quinli and I have been enjoying all of the joys and challenges of first time parenting  –  being a Dad is my life changing event!” 

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Justine Dufoulon

DO, TNO, Paediatrics 2015 (French Masters). MONZ, MOCNZ

Cranial Osteopath, Paediatrics

Justine offers a deep understanding of your physiology and medical anatomy. Treating a wide range of conditions, Justine applies cranial and gentle structural techniques with excellent results. She is well known for her sense of empathy, warm nature and fine-tuned diagnostic skills.

Several years clinical experience in France – As an Osteopath Justine has worked synergistically with health professionals; dentists, podiatrists, ophthalmologists, physiotherapists. She volunteered treating athletes in Ironman & training running events, touch rugby tournaments plus the Paris and Lyon marathons.

  • Acute sports and work related ACC accidents
  • No doctor’s referral required I am ACC registered and will take care of ACC documentation for you.
  • Paediatrics specialist. Mums, babies, toddlers
  • Pain relief for musculoskeletal and headaches
  • All back & neck, general aches and pains
  • Chronic conditions related to posture both new and old.
  • Release techniques for whole body stresses and strains
  • Postural issues, ergonomy improvement work related
  • Justine is bilingual in French & English, both the written and spoken word.

“Having traveled around the world I have chosen New Zealand to call home because I admire the kindness of the people, the great Kiwis’ lifestyle and the amazing nature (that it offers)! I am loving Ponsonby perched above one of the most beautiful natural harbours and the stimulating surrounding communities, parks, cafe, restaurants and arts. My happy time is spent exploring beaches, mountains; enjoying nature, cooking & baking, gardening and I love my Osteopathic practice!”



Justine Dufoulon

release • reactivate • revive

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Liane de Jager

BSc.(Hons) Ost., 1998 UK., MONZ, MOCNZ

Structural (direct approach) and Cranial Osteopath

Liane and Sarah-Jane, our Principal Osteopath, graduated together from the British School of Osteopathy. Liane has 22 years of experience operating her busy Private Osteopathic Clinic in London and Cape Town, S.A., attaining a wealth of medical and anatomical knowledge benefits patients of all ages and stages.

Liane uses gentle, effective structural techniques.  

  • No doctor’s referral required.  I am ACC registered and will take care of ACC documentation for you.
  • pain relief for all musculoskeletal dysfunction which manifests in back, neck and jaw pain (TMJ), sciatica, trapped nerves and disc problems, whiplash, repetitive strain injuries, tennis or golfers elbow, headaches and migraines & more.
  • rehabilitative and muscle strengthening exercises
  • referral to Pilates and/or Yoga classes where indicated.
  • preventative & maintenance treatments for sports injuries, competitive cycling, running, horse riding, tennis, rugby, cricket and rowing to name a few.
  • Mums, pre and post natal maternity, to assist with the changing demands placed on the spine and pelvis.

I’m the proud mother of two young men, my twenty year old is joining me here in Auckland studying for a sports science degree. We’re so looking forward to exploring New Zealand’s scenic beauty, walking and mountain biking in nature, snow skiing. We have a passion for animals, especially dogs and horses. Then there’s the world acclaimed cuisine and wine, our new homeland New Zealand really has it all!

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Sarah-Jane Attias

BSc. (Hons) Ost.1998 UK., MOCNZ, MONZ

Cranial Biodynamic Osteopath

Sarah-Jane is the founder of Living Osteopathy Clinic and is one of the country’s most respected practitioners with over 28 years’ Osteopathic experience. She is taking time out of hands-on practice to develop a new opportunity.

Sarah-Jane hand picked our team of experienced osteopaths, she has personally worked alongside them all and highly recommends their skills.

She wishes to reassure all clients they are in good hands at Living Osteopathy.

“What a great team, look at those glowing GOOGLE reviews!”

Need to contact SJ? –  sj@livingosteopathy.co.nz Or 09 361 1147

Natasha Kotlarevsky

GLOW therapeutic massage

With 11 years experience massaging including 4 years at the award winning Pullman Hotel Luxury Spa, Natasha offers several specialised techniques she has studied & developed.

  • Melt into a therapeutic and relaxation massage blending eastern and western techniques using 100% pure French aromatherapy oils.
  • You select from pamper, relaxing massages, deep tissue and detox treatments all geared towards healing your body and sore or tender muscles.
  • Natasha’s goal is to release areas of tension and relax your mind and body.

“Ten fabulous years with AirNZ as a International flight attendant was fun but deep down I had a burn for a healthier lifestyle. Then bingo, I experienced my first massage and I was hooked!”

About us

Meet our osteopaths