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Ponsonby News February 2017

Happy New Year! I would like to ring in the year with best wishes for your good health and in particular for the little ‘pocket rockets’ in our lives. On holiday, perched under a magnificent pohutukawa tree, I enjoyed time and space to relax and recharge. ...

OHbaby! Summer 2016 – Ask Our Experts

I’ve just returned to work (an office job) now that my children are all at school and find I am getting a lot of back and shoulder pain – probably from sitting at a computer for more hours than my body is used to! How can I help my body cope with this ...

Ponsonby News December 2016

It’s summer - finally! We are all locked and loaded ready for beach holidays and fun with family and friends. With this comes a natural surge of movement as you indulge in outdoor pursuits.

Ponsonby News November 2016

Are you experiencing increased tension in your neck muscles and shoulders, recurring headaches, pins and needles in your arms or hands, are the kids developing a ‘camel hump’?

OHbaby! Spring 2016 – She’s Got the Touch

Sarah-Jane’s “She’s Got the Touch” article about osteopathy for newborns for OHbaby! magazine. Read it here (click on the article to enlarge each section) or download a PDF.  

TxT Neck / Breastfeeding Neck

Find out how to correct and resolve your sore neck through simple 1 minute exercises.

Ponsonby News October 2016

I just gave birth to our baby girl and I seem to have quite a few girlfriends expecting babies. Over a recent catch–up we all confessed to the same feelings.

Ponsonby News September 2016

Living the good life lifestyle, sport and fitness. Having operated my Living Osteopathy practice within the greater Western Bays area for almost 20 years, I can confirm that our community really does love ‘Living the Good Life!’

Ponsonby News August 2016

My partner, Tanah, has just returned from Bali, where a trip on a slippery tiled pool area resulted in a painful fractured wrist - ouch! This raised some questions in our household; am I covered by ACC even though the injury happened abroad? How much will ACC ...

OHbaby! Winter 2016 – Healing Hands

Sarah-Jane’s “Healing Hands” article about osteopathy in pregnancy for OHbaby! magazine. Read it here (click on the article to enlarge each section) or download a PDF.