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Ponsonby News July 2016

‘I’ve got a touch of winter blues’, coupled with an old sports knee injury that seems to resurface every year. It’s school holidays, we are in the mayhem of packing for skiing and little Jack has a nasty lingering cough, post cold and is complaining of ...

SJ interviewed by Helene Ravlich

SJ talks with Helene Ravlich of Ponsonby News. Read it here or download a PDF.

Ponsonby News June 2016

I’m in my late 30s – who am I kidding – I am in my late 40s! And things are changing... Can you please give a few tips to maintain a flexible, healthy body and how can you, as an osteopath, assist me in this process? My husband and I want to live forever.

Ponsonby News May 2016

After a period of interrupted sleep and needing to get up to nurse my daughter for the past six months, I now find it hard to get to sleep at night. I don’t want to take sleeping pills. Any suggestions as to how Osteopathy may help?

OHbaby! Autumn 2016 – Ask Our Experts

I have benefitted from osteopathy in the past for my lower back issues, and I have found great relief from being manipulated, but I have recently found out that I am pregnant and I heard that some osteopathy treatments are not considered safe during the first ...

Ponsonby News April 2016

I’m fit and sporty, I don’t have any broken or strained muscles. However, my whole back from my heels to my head is very ‘tight’. Increasingly my neck is stiff and my shoulders feel like concrete. Add to this, I’m always ‘rushing’ everywhere and ...

Ponsonby News March 2016

SJ responds to readers’ concerns in the Ponsonby News Healthy Living column. SARAH-JANE ATTIAS: HEALTHY LIVING Welcome to the new column from local osteopath Sarah-Jane Attias who will answer readers’ health concerns. I came to your clinic last year ...