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Ponsonby News October 2017

I’m nine weeks pregnant, this is all very new to me. My girlfriends say osteopathy has really worked for them. What is your professional opinion on how often I come for treatments and exactly what would be the benefits for me and for baby, now and after birth?

Growth of family

I’m hugely pregnant, due in late October. My partner and I are sporty types with two busy toddlers - so you would imagine we are ready, fit and sorted but it all seems harder than before - phyisically I am really challenged, emotionally we are all having ...

Low back pain and sex

My partner has lower back pain that can flare up after a gym work-out and, unfortunately, when we are getting sexy. He is constantly relying on strong pain relief pills and abstaining is not the way to go! Your advice please.

Ponsonby News July 2017

I’ve noticed my mum at 69 is looking a little ‘lackluster’. Her walk has become more ‘rolling’; She then had a fall, resulting in grazes and a nasty bump on her forehead; Her confidence has waned. I’m starting to worry, what do you advise?

Ponsonby News June 2017

Maintaining a healthy, happy, sustainable lifestyle. Can you believe it was 23 years ago when Forrest Gump, the slow but sweet character played by Tom Hanks, entered theatres, and our hearts, with this quote “Mama always said - life was like a box of ...

Ponsonby News May 2017

This is the time of year when many New Zealanders are packing their bags for adventures. My family lives in England and for the past 20 years I have made the pilgrimage home twice a year and that's a lot of air miles!

Ponsonby News April 2017

A big welcome to all athletes and spectators converging here for the Auckland 2017 World Masters Games, Friday 21 April to Sunday 30 April 2017. Plus a ‘special offer’ for Ponsonby News readers, a free ACC (no co-payment) osteopathic treatment.

Ponsonby News March 2017

I’ve been indulging in what I call ‘blue skies’ sports having just returned from five days Canadian canoeing down the mighty Whanganui River, bush camping, off-grid, absolutely no communication with the outside world - magic!!!!

Ponsonby News February 2017

Happy New Year! I would like to ring in the year with best wishes for your good health and in particular for the little ‘pocket rockets’ in our lives. On holiday, perched under a magnificent pohutukawa tree, I enjoyed time and space to relax and recharge. ...

OHbaby! Summer 2016 – Ask Our Experts

I’ve just returned to work (an office job) now that my children are all at school and find I am getting a lot of back and shoulder pain – probably from sitting at a computer for more hours than my body is used to! How can I help my body cope with this ...