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Parent and Baby clinic

We have two specialist paediatric osteopaths at Living Osteopathy who are trained specifically to observe, diagnose, give sound medical advice and treat most pregnancy related issues.



The reality is you get this one chance to build an incredibly healthy baby; having a good paediatric team onboard is going to offer you and baby the best possible outcome.

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You would be wise to choose a team based on its specific paediatric training, osteopathy in particular has a high success rate, over a range of health issues, when applied to pre-conception, during pregnancy and postnatal care of mum and baby. It’s a huge focus group for us; we see around 500 mums, babies and children every year at our clinic.

Personalised Treatments at our ‘Mother & Baby Clinic’

Mother & Baby Hour



In the same room with one osteopath treating mum and another osteopath treating baby. SLEEP… Totally independent treatments yet united and in a very safe environment. Just the other day we treated mum and triplets – now that was a busy moment!

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Remember every pregnancy is different because physiologically you are unique, add to this you and baby as a unit – so double that uniqueness and you can start to see how important it is to get an experienced team onboard. Personalised Programme, we optimise especially for you.

First trimester visit



  • Structural assessment, medical history, discussing birth plans,
  • Potentially a time of morning sickness, hands-on treatment assists balancing hormones and nerve supply to the gut.
  • We can recommend other paediatric specialists as required, these may include – dietary, physio-Pilates, midwife, yoga, massage, acupuncture followed by a hands-on osteopathic treatment.
  • We advise on dietary solutions.
  • Osteo treatment is very effective in creating more space for baby, your organs and much improved comfort and restful much needed sleep.
  • Reflux occurs in 50% of mothers predominantly due to reduced amount of space available in your tummy. We are trained in and sell specialised probiotics (Metagenics: Ultra Flora Mother and Baby) support for during pregnancy, breastfeeding and infancy.

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Metagenics is a Practitioner only range, Australian based and backed up with scientific research.  We have received training on what to prescribe.  Ultra Flora Mother and Baby is a 2 in 1 probiotic formulation, specifically formulated for mothers during pregnancy, breastfeeding and infants after birth.  It contains four extensively researched probiotic strains at clinically validates doses – LGG, BB-12, M-16v and BB536.

  • Assists baby’s behavioural, immune and gastrointestinal health when taken during pregnancy
  • Supports maternal flora balance, glucose metabolism and wellbeing
  • Contains probiotic strains Bifidobacterium breve (M-16v) and Bifidobacterium longum (BB536) which were originally isolated from healthy infants
  • Contains LGG, one of the most researched probiotic strains in pregnancy

Second trimester visit



  • We work with your developing baby and the huge changes to your body and whatever that manifests.
  • We advise and demonstrate correct positions and appropriate pillows for comfortable sleeping, driving and work stations.
  • Treat Mums-to-be old injuries which can flare as you gain 12 to 14 kilos with baby on board.

Third trimester visit



Hands-on treatment can help to correct

  • optimise birthing position and create more space for growing baby,
  • balance of the pelvis, rib cage, encourage muscles of the low back and abdomen to contract and support in a more cohesive manner.
  • Relax the tension around your womb.
  • reduce the pressure on baby and improve blood supply to the placenta.
  • Most mums report immediate relief of their ribs, pubis or sacrum/low back following treatment.

Post birth care for baby and mother



By nature, birth is a very physical process!

Treating Mother post-birth is as important as treating your newborn.

We get excellent results treating you for:

  • Sleep
  • Hormonal rebalancing
  • Musculoskeletal realignment
  • Pelvic Floor integration
  • Breastfeeding/Mastitis
  • Diastasis Recti – the ‘six-pack split’
  • rejuvenating treatment

Treating Baby post-birth – birth strain specifically on a baby’s head and neck, has potential to compress and irritate the delicate nerves in the upper back and neck.

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These nerves communicate with the stomach, intestines, skin, muscles and joints of the head and neck, potentially contributing colic or constipation, headaches and neck pain.

  • Sleep
  • Otitis Media – Glue Ear
  • We offer a unique hospital visit if required.
  • Treatments include cranial, gentle movement and massage-type techniques.
  • Restricted neck movement in a baby can also lead to other issues, including feeding problems and flat spots on the head.
  • Latching and tongue tie.
  • Colic and abdominal pain can be caused by wind or obstruction in babies intestines.
  • Reflux – occurs when the acidic stomach contents regurgitate back into the oesophagus, causing pain.  GER (Reflux) is common in babies because the circular band of muscle that acts as valve between the oesophagus and the stomach is immature. Treatment and Advice can ease these symptoms
  • Respiratory – improving the function of the diaphragm and ribs

Free Wellness Check for Baby



If you have received treatment from our pediatric osteopaths during your pregnancy, we offer a free ‘Wellness Check’ for your newborn. Be sure to book yours in!

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I asked Gracela Gregorio, a paediatric osteopath at our clinic, what gives her the edge treating mums-to-be and babies.

“I understand the science of osteopathy and therefore find it beneficial for my patients, but as a mother there is a unique sympatico when I treat mothers, babies and kids: it’s “I see you – I hear you’ moment. I’ve experienced the benefits first-hand with my growing 11 and 16 year old girls. Ear infections, cold symptoms, inability to focus, headaches, ‘growing pains’ and many other issues tend to be shorter-lived with osteopathic treatment”

“When you pick up a baby is has a feeling of fluidity, compared to a toddler. You, as a parent, recognise this, which is why you handle your baby gently and in a supportive way. Our treatments work with these soft bones and tissue to grow strong healthy kids.”